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Документы : Руководство Пользователя : AIML



Aiml-это искусственный интеллект, Язык разметки. Это XML-стандарт для определения чате ответы бота. Бот Либре боты АИМЛ поддержку, но основанные на самостоятельной и иметь базу знаний, похожими на человеческий мозг.


АИМЛ определяет как бот должен отвечать на вопрос, используя <шаблон> и <шаблон> элементы. Шаблон представляет вопрос пользователя, и шаблон определяет ответ бота. Структура и элементы шаблона сгруппированы в элементе категории, которые могут быть сгруппированы по элементам тему.

Список шаблонов АИМЛ теги

Tags Description
<star index="N"/> Replaced with value of * in pattern (or Nth *).
<that index="M,N"/> Replaced with value of bot's previous response (or Mth previous response, and N sentence of the response).
<input index="N"/> Replaced with value of users's input (or Nth *).
<thatstar index="N"/> Replaced with value of * in "that" (or Nth *).
<topicstar index="N"/> Replaced with value of * in topic (or Nth *).
<get name="XXX"/> Replaced by the value of the conversation specific variable.
<bot name="XXX"/> Replaced by the value of the bot specific variable.
<sr/> Short form for <srai><star/><srai> (replaced with response to value of * from pattern).
<person2/> Converts the text (or <star/>) between 1st and 2nd person (I <-> he, etc.).
<person/> Converts the text (or <star/>) between 1st and 3rd person (I <-> you, etc.).
<gender/> Converts the text (or <star/>) between male and female (he <-> she).
<date/> Replaced with the current date and time, a "format" attribute is also supported.
<id/> Replaced by the client id.
<size/> Replaced with the size of bot's memory.
<version/> Replaced with the AI engine version.
<uppercase> Converts the text to uppercase.
<lowercase> Converts the text to lowercase.
<formal> Converts all words in the text to be capitalized.
<sentence> Converts the first word in the text to be capitalized.
<condition name="X" value="Y"> Defines an "if" condition based on comparing the value of a variable to a pattern.
<condition name="X"> Case statement.
<condition> Multi-valued if/else statement.
<random> Choose on of the nested <li> values at random.
<li name="X" value="Y"> Used in random and condition tags.
<li value="Y"> Used in random and condition tags.
<li> Used in random and condition tags.
<set name="XXX"> Set the value of a variable.
<gossip> Logs the text.
<srai> Recursively evaluates the text and replaces it with the response.
<think> Evaluates the nested statements but does not output any result.
<learn> Load external AIML file, this is not currently allowed.
<system> Executes a OS command, this is not currently allowed.
<javascript> Executes JavaScript code.
<topic> Category topic tags can now be set on a category to make it easier to add categories to topics.
<map> Maps tag to allow the lookup of the element value in a predefined mapping, returning the mapped value.
<loop> Condition loops tag to loop a conditional statement.
<var> Local variables attribute for variables scoped to a category.
<sraix> Remote requests tag to make a remote request of another bot instance, or service.
<normalize> and <denormalize> Normalization and denormalization tags to convert special character into words, and back again.
<request> Request tag to return the user's previous input request.
<response> Response tag to return the bot's previous response.
<learn>, <learnf>, and <eval> Learning tags to dynamically train a bot with new responses.
<explode> Explode tag to split a word into its characters.
<oob> Mobile (out of band) tag to support client and mobile device commands.
(<b>, <a>, <i>, <ul>, <ol>, <li>, <p>, <br>, <button>, <img>, <video>) Various HTML tags are also allowed.
<self> Evaluate Self code (Bot Libre extension).

Список АИМЛ операторов рисунком

Tags Description
* Matches one or more words.
_ Matches one or more words, takes priority over all other words and wildcards, except $.
^ Matches zero or more words.
# Matches zero or more words, takes priority over all other words and wildcards, except $.
$ Pattern priority marker to make a pattern word match highest priority.
() Optional set of words (Bot Libre extension).
[] Required set of words (Bot Libre extension).
<set> Set tag to evaluate a pattern based on words defined in a predefined set.
/ Regular expression pattern (Bot Libre extension).
{} Self code (Bot Libre extension).


Вот простой пример Привет мир' АИМЛ:
Этот код сделает ваш бот в ответ 'Здравствуй' на вопрос 'Привет мир'.

<aiml> <category> <pattern>HELLO WORLD</pattern> <template>Hello to you too</template> </category> </aiml>

Вот простой пример подстановки:
Этот код сделает ваш бот в ответ 'Здравствуй' на любой вопрос, содержащий слово "привет".

<aiml> <category> <pattern>* HELLO *</pattern> <template>Hello to you too</template> </category> </aiml>

Вот это шутка, вот пример:
Этот код сделает ваш бот рассказать анекдот.

<aiml> <category> <pattern>TELL ME A JOKE</pattern> <template>Why did the chicken cross the road?</template> </category> <category> <pattern>* WHY *</pattern> <that>Why did the chicken cross the road?</that> <template>To get to the other side.</template> </category> </aiml>

Вот сложный пример шаблона:
Этот код сделает ваш бот отвечает на вопрос 'ты любишь яблоки или ты любишь апельсины" с "Я люблю яблоки и я люблю апельсины'.

<aiml> <category> <pattern>* OR *</pattern> <template><srai><star/></srai> and <srai><star index="2"/></srai></template> </category> <category> <pattern>DO YOU LIKE *</pattern> <template>I love <star/></template> </category> </aiml>

^ и # маски

<category> <pattern>^ aiml ^</pattern> <template>AIML is cool.</template> </category> <category> <pattern>^ chat bot^</pattern> <template>Yes, I am a chat bot.</template> </category>

$ Приоритет

<category> <pattern># sex #</pattern> <template>I'm not that kind of bot.</template> </category> <category> <pattern>$what is your sex</pattern> <template>I am female.</template> </category>

() и [] списки

<category> <pattern>do [you u] (really) [like love luv lv] me</pattern> <template>Yes, I love you.</template> </category>

Регулярные выражения

<category> <pattern>my email is /.+\@.+\..+</pattern> <template>That is a valid email</template> </category>


<category> <pattern>I am <set>name</set></pattern> <template>Pleased to meet you <star/>.</template> </category> <category> <pattern><set>number</set> + <set>number</set></pattern> <template><srai>addition <star/> <star index="2"/></srai></template> </category>

Шаблон АИМЛ установить Тип объекта познания:

<category> <pattern>load animals</pattern> <template> <think> <map name="meaning" value="dog">dog</map><map name="instantiation" value="animal"><map name="meaning">dog</map></map> <map name="meaning" value="dog">doggy</map> <map name="meaning" value="cat">cat</map><map name="instantiation" value="animal"><map name="meaning">cat</map></map> </think> </template> </category>

Шаблон теги

<category> <pattern><bot name="name"/></pattern> <template>Yes, that's my name.</template> </category> <category> <pattern>I am </pattern> <template>That is my age too.</template> </category> <category> <pattern></pattern> <template>You are repeating yourself.</template> </category> <category> <pattern><response/></pattern> <template>Please don't repeat me.</template> </category>

Атрибуты как элементы

<category> <pattern>My * is *</pattern> <template>I will remember that your <star/> is <star index="2"/><think><set><name><star/></name><star index="2"/></set></think></template> </category> <category> <pattern>What is my *</pattern> <template>Your <star/> is <get><name><star/></name></get></template> </category>


<category> <pattern>what is the capital of <set>country</set></pattern> <template>The capital of <star/> in <map name="capital"><star/></map>.</template> </category>

Бот Либре расширяет карту обслуживания также позволяет устанавливать карту значение. Это позволит установить значение отношения объекта познания.

<category> <pattern>the opposite of * is *</pattern> <template>Okay, the opposite of <star/> is <star index="2"/>. <think><map name="opposite"><value><star index="2"/></value><star/></map></think> </template> </category> <category> <pattern>what is the opposite of *</pattern> <template>the opposite of <star/> is <map name="opposite"><star/></map> </template> </category>

Условия и циклы

<category> <pattern>count down from <set>number</set></pattern> <template> <think><set var="count"><star/></set></think> <condition var="count"> <li value="5"><think><set var="count">4</set></think>5 <loop/></li> <li value="4"><think><set var="count">3</set></think>4 <loop/></li> <li value="3"><think><set var="count">2</set></think>3 <loop/></li> <li value="2"><think><set var="count">1</set></think>2 <loop/></li> <li value="1"><think><set var="count">0</set></think>1 </li> </condition> </template> </category> <category> <pattern>what is <set>number</set> + <set>number</set></pattern> <template> <think> <set var="result"><star/></set> <set var="count">0</set> </think> <condition var="count"> <li><value><star index="2"/></value></li> <li> <think> <set var="result"><map name="word"><map name="next"><map name="meaning"><get var="result"/></map></map></map></set> <set var="count"><map name="word"><map name="next"><map name="meaning"><get var="count"/></map></map></map></set> </think> <loop/> </li> </condition> The answer is <get var="result"/> </template> </category>


<category> <pattern>learn question * answer *</pattern> <template> <think> <learn> <category> <pattern><eval><star/></eval></pattern> <template><eval><star index="2"/></eval></template> </category> </learn> </think> Okay, I will answer "<star index="2"/>" to "<star/>" next time </template> </category> <category> <pattern>wrong</pattern> <template>What should I have said?</template> </category> <category> <pattern>*</pattern> <that>what should I have said</that> <template> <think> <learn> <category> <pattern><eval><input index="3"/></eval></pattern> <template><eval><star/></eval></template> </category> </learn> </think> Okay, I will answer "<star/>" to "<input index="3"/>" next time </template> </category>


<category> <pattern>ask * about *</pattern> <template><star/> says "<sraix default="Timeout or max anonymous API calls exceeded"><botname><star/></botname><star index="2"/></sraix>"</template> </category> <category> <pattern>ask pandorabot * about *</pattern> <template><star/> says "<sraix server="" default="Timeout or max anonymous API calls exceeded"><botid><star/></botid><star index="2"/></sraix>"</template> </category> <category> <pattern>ask pandorabot chomsky about *</pattern> <template>He says "<sraix server="" botid="b0dafd24ee35a477" default="Timeout or max anonymous API calls exceeded"><star/></sraix>"</template> </category> <category> <pattern>wikidata *</pattern> <template><sraix service="wikidata" default="Timeout or missing data"><star/></sraix> </category> <category> <pattern>wikidata * hint *</pattern> <template><sraix service="wikidata" default="Timeout or missing data"><hint><star index="2"/></hint><star/></sraix></template> </category> <category> <pattern>wiktionary *</pattern> <template><sraix service="wiktionary" default="Timeout or missing data"><star/></sraix></template> </category>


<category> <pattern>what is * + *</pattern> <template><star index="1"/> + <star index="2"/> = <self>star + star</self></template> </category>

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