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Annoucing BOT libre 2.0 - 3D animated avatars, video, audio, emotions, actions, poses, links and more

по admin опубликовано Dec 9 2014, 18:51

We released BOT libre 2.0 this week.

This release includes new avatar support that lets you build, share, and embed avatars independently of your bot. The new avatars support 3D animation, video, audio, emotions, actions, and poses.

You can browse, create, and link avatars from our open avatar directory. You can choose your bot's avatar from its avatar admin page.

An avatar its a bot's appearance. You can import video, audio, and images to define your avatar. You can associate each media element with an emotion, action, or pose. When your bot expresses the emotion, action, or pose, the avatar will update its appearance.

There are already several avatars to choose from, and more are being added each day. You can add your own by rendering your own video from 3D software packages such as Daz3D, designing your own graphics, or use stock content available on many content services, or capture your own videos or images and bot yourself.

The avatars can be linked from a bot, or used by themselves through the BOT libre web API and SDK. You can embed a avatar on your own website and prompt it what to say, or use the avatar with your own home grown bot.

The avatar browse directory lets you create public, private, and access restricted avatars. You can also link 3rd party avatars, or avatars hosted on other sites.

This release also makes it easier to add links to external or third party bots to the BOT libre open bot directory.

The website interface was also redesigned a bit, and the release includes many other minor fixed and enhancements.

This was a significant release, so their may be a few hiccups as everything get fully tested. If you notice anything that does not work, or wrong, please report it.

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