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Different ways of asking a question with the same response

по nicolaaverytel опубликовано Dec 16 2021, 6:05

Hi, I am new to botlibre. I have created a chatbot previously with Dialogflow and just trying to understand how the conversation flow works for bot libre.

At the moment I will am using the WYSIWYG editor but later on hope to do more in AIML.

I am working on a chatbot for students and they have different ways of asking something that has the same response. Is it possible to group these in a conversation flow ? I am not sure if I have missed something in the guidance?



by admin posted Dec 16 2021, 10:09
In Bot Libre questions are automatically matched heuristically. So when you add a new question/response a broad set of question will be matched with the same response.

You can also use keywords to widen the scope, or required words to narrow it, or configure the heuristically match settings from the bot's Learning & Settings page in its Admin Console.

To reuse the same response for multiple questions you can use intent labels. Just label the response i.e. #whatAreMyCourses, then in the other questions enter that label as the response #whatAreMyCourses. Make sure you use the text editor, not the WYSIWYG editor.


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by nicolaaverytel posted Dec 16 2021, 10:16

Thank you

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