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How to Train a Deep Learning TensorFlow Analytic to Play Connect 4

по admin опубликовано Apr 14 2021, 14:14

Bot Libre now allows you to create generic deep learning analytics and train them through our web API. Deep learning analytics can be used for a wide array of purposes to analyze and make predications on data. This example shows how to train a deep learning analytic to play Connect 4.

You can use either the Bot Libre deep learning library, or the TensorFlow deep learning library. You can choose the inputs, outputs, and layers.

The web API endpoint to train the network is:

The web API endpoint to test the network is:

Create the Analytic

1. Go to the Deep Learning page and create a new analytic.

2. Configure the network with the following settings:

3. Click on "Save", and then "Reset Network".

Train the Analytic

You can train the analytic using the Bot Libre web API

Create a Connect 4 Chatbot

Now that you have an analytic trained to play Connect 4, you can create your own Connect 4 chatbot with your own analytic!

Follow this tutorial to create your Connect 4 chatbot.

Then, modify the connect4 script with your application ID and analytic ID to connect it to your analytic.

Here is an example Conect 4 chatbot for you to try: Games Bot.

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