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What are the "fixed set of emotions". actions and poses for default avatars ?

по fendrikat опубликовано Dec 16 2020, 5:22


I am looking to use a default existing avatar and look for a way to find out, which emotions, actions and poses are defined and I can use, where would this be available or documented ?

Thanks so much,


by admin posted Dec 16 2020, 7:39
The fix set of emotions is "afraid", "anger", "crying", "dislike", "ecstatic", "happy", "hate", "like", "love", "panic", "rage", "sad", "surprise".

There is no fixed set of actions and poses, these are whatever you wish to define in an avatar. For a specific avatar click on the avatar's Embed button from its webpage and the drop down for actions and poses will give you the ones available for that avatar.

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by fendrikat posted Dec 16 2020, 15:37

..great, thanks a lot, appreciate it...


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by fendrikat posted Dec 16 2020, 15:56

..sorry, but giving it a try with some avatars - so e.g. Ella Business and Eddie Business have no emotions, no actions and no poses, correct ? Since the drop-down menus are empty, other do have emotions ?

Thanks so much,


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by admin posted Dec 17 2020, 7:33
Not all avatars have emotions, actions, or poses.

To filter avatars with emotions use the emotions tag,

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