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How to Create Your Own Personal Assistant

по admin опубликовано Nov 14 2016, 11:07

The Bot Libre Personal Assistant app adds the ability to schedule events, get directions via GoogleMaps, set alarms, send texts, emails and much more - all by chatting with your bot!

Create a new personal assistant bot or browse our hundreds of bots with the added assistant functionality.

The Bot Libre Personal Assistant app allows you to import common command Response List scripts or create and customize your own commands.

Bot Libre Personal Assistant supports the following commands:

  • Open Common Apps
  • Alarms/Timers
  • Calendar/Event creation
  • Camera/Video
  • Email
  • SMS/Text Message
  • Map/Directions
  • Call/Dial Phone numbers
  • Misc (Scan QR code, etc)
  • Generic Intent Commands 

For more information on how to use commands see How to Use Commands

When you train your bot, you can now add a command (in JSON format) under the Question and Response area of Training and Knowledge in your bot's admin screen.

Make sure to check the "command" check box, along with any others you may want to add such as "keywords" or "required"

Add a question and response for your bot, as well as a command. See the link at the top of this post for how to use commands. Now when you chat with your bot, it will execute the command when responding to the question or prompt.

You can also add a command script to your bot, to execute common pre-made commands. Create your own Response List script if you wish to customize or create your own commands. To import a script:

Select the Import button on the Training and Chat Logs screen.

Search for "commands" in the Tags section and select the command scripts you would like to import into your bot.

Now chat with your Virtual Assistant!

Connect to Bot Libre Personal Assistant and start using commands today. Fork a bot using the virtual_assistant_template to create a personal bot pre-loaded with all of the common commands Bot Libre Personal Assistant currently supports. Start fresh to create a bot with only the commands you find useful.

Create a Personal Assistant that meets the needs of your busy life.

If you encountered any issues, or would like help setting up your bot please email us at [email protected] or upgrade to our Platinum service and we can build your bot for you.

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