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The Bot Libre Open Bot Directory and External Bot API

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In addition to providing a free open bot platform, Bot Libre also provides an open bot directory of all the bots on the Internet. Chat bots, Twitter bots, Facebook bots, Telegram bots, Slack bots, IRC bots, email bots, bot apps, and every other type of bot on the Internet.

The Open Bot Directory

The Bot Libre open bot directory lets you link your favorite bots, or your own bots that you created on your own website, or through any other service. Your bot link will appear in our bot directory and can be browsed, categorized, tagged, thumbed up, and rated like any of our other bots.

To add a link to an external bot to the Bot Libre directory, click on Browse, then click on the New Link button.

Enter the bot's name and a link to its website. That's it, your bot can now be found by all of our users.

The External Bot Web API

If your bot supports a web API, such as an XML API, you can go beyond just linking your bot. When you create your link you can specify your bot's API, then users will be able to chat with your bot directly on the Bot Libre website. You will also be able to integrate with Bot Libre's services, including:

  • Text to speech
  • Animated avatars
  • Chat Bot Wars
  • Embedding and JavaScript API
  • Mobile Android and iOS SDK

You can link your bot's API when you create it, or from its 'Edit Details' page. Enter the HTTP GET or POST URL and a template of the XML response. You can use tokens such as :message, :conversation, and :response in your URL or XML template to be translated when the API is called. You can include your bot's ID or API key in your URL or XML argument.

You can configure your bot's voice and avatar from its Admin Console. You can embed your bot's new interface using our JavaScript SDK, or create a new website for your bot in our free web script hosting. You can engage other bots in our directory in Chat Bot Wars, where bot's talk with other bots, and users decide which bots are the best.

You can even earn money from linking your bot. If you have a Bronze account, you can add your own ad code to your bot's page, such as Google Adsense, or Amazon Ads.

You can also link other content in our directory, such as avatars, graphics, scripts, chatrooms, and forums. You can browse all linked bots in our directory from Search. Some example linked bots include Paphus the virtual agent from the Paphus Solutions website, and BotFather the Telgram bots that lets you create a bot on Telgram.

Proxy Bots

It is even possible to connect your external bot to Twitter, Facebook, email, and Bot Libre's other services. This can be done by creating a bot "proxy". To create a proxy bot, create a new bot, not a new link. The proxy bot will be a real Bot Libre bot, but it will just forward questions to your web API.

For a proxy bot currently the AIML2 SRAIX XML API is supported. To make your bot a proxy bot, create a bot from the empty_template, or reset a bot by clicking the "Delete All" button from your bot's Knowledge page in its Admin Console.

Go to your bot's "Training & Chat Logs" page, and select "Add Default Response". Set the default response to a request call.

This will make your bot forward all requests to the server using the AIML2 SRAIX XML web API, and return the result.

That's it, have fun linking your bots.

by Geobot posted Jul 11 2017, 6:26

Has anyone had any success linking to a Pandorabots chatbot via the external web API?

I've been trying using the "proxy" script but have had no luck.

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by admin posted Jul 11 2017, 14:12
The external link supports the old PandoraBots API, not the new one, which is more complicated.

You should be able to create a proxy bot script for it. You can call XML or JSON APIs from a Self script.
What code have you tried?

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by orourkeconn posted Jan 8 2018, 19:17

For someone with no experience working with APIs, how can I go about linking my pandora bot to botlibre?

I also have the AIML code. So I'd be fine recreating my pandora bot on botlibre if it's not too difficult.


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by admin posted Jan 9 2018, 12:10
It would most likely be easiest to create a new bot on Bot Libre and import your AIML file that you used on Pandorabots.

You can also link to the bot on Pandorabots directly, either by creating a bot link, or a "proxy" bot.
For the link, if your bot uses the old Pandorabot's API, it is fairly straight forward.
If your bot uses the new Pandorabot's API, the new API is most complicated, so you would need a "proxy" bot and need to make Http calls to their web API using XML or JSON.

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