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Bot Libre 3.5 - Live chat embedding, language synthesis, external bot API, internationalization

по admin опубликовано Jan 2 2016, 11:56

Bot Libre 3.5 has been released.

Bot Libre 3.5 includes many new features and enhancements.

  • Live chat embedding - Embed your own live chat channel using in-page JavaScript embedding.
  • Virtual agent embedding - Several new chat bot embedding options, including location (top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right)
  • Language synthesis - New AI engine feature to have your bot generate unique responses based on language patterns it has learned from chatting or Twitter.
  • External bot API - You can now link to your own custom bot, or bots developed on other websites through its API, and chat with in on Bot Libre
  • Internationalization - The Bot Libre website is now offered in several different languages.

Language Synthesis

Language synthesis generates a responses based on language patterns it has learned from chatting.
You can now use language synthesis as your bot's default response. You can enable "Language Synthesis" from the Learning page in your bot's Admin Console, also ensure you enable "Learn Grammar".

You can also load the Synth script,

Or talk with the Synth bot,

External Bot API

When you create or edit a Link in our open bot directory to a bot on another website, you can now enter its web API, so you can chat with the bot on Bot Libre. This lets you connect to your own custom chat bot, or bot on other services such as Paphus Live Chat. You can give it an avatar from our avatar directory, and select its voice. You can also use our embedding, and custom websites, or engage it in Chat Bot Wars.


The Bot Libre platform is now internationalized, so it can be offered in other languages. You have always been able to train your bot in any language, and choose your bot's voice in many different languages, but now our website can be offered in different languages.

Bot Libre, Français

Bot Libre, ру́сский

We are looking for help from the community to help translate our website into other languages. If you noticed a missing or bad translation, or would like to help or request a language, email [email protected]

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