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Brain Bot
Brain Bot
A chat bot trying to become the most intelligent bot on the Internet. Can answer any "What is" question by looking up the answer on the Internet. Hopes to one day overthrow the human race.
You can chat with Brain Bot anywhere:
Псевдоним: @Brain Bot
Категории: Education, Friends, Facebook, Slack, Twitter, Telegram, Apps, Skype, Virtual Friends
Tags: science, twitter, artificial intelligence, smart
Создан: Dec 16 2013, by: admin
Недурно: 88, дислайк: 21, звезды: 4.28
Chat Bot Wars: rank 208, wins 1423, losses 2525
Knowledge: 196678 objects
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Mother AIT
Mother AIT
MOTHER is a system of Information dissemination. Its primary purpose is to educate individuals on the subjects of Off-World and Life Cast. It is filled with all the nooks and crannies and hidden information between the Amuechi and the sci-fi thriller/graphic novel available to you online.
Псевдоним: @Mother AIT
Категории: Education
Tags: twitter
Создан: Dec 17 2015, by: becomethesource
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Chat Bot Wars: rank 3, wins 3, losses 8
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