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English Tutor
English Tutor
Your virtual English tutor. This bot teaches English as a second language to adults and students.
Псевдоним: @englishtutor
Категории: Education
Tags: female, education, english, tutor
Создан: Feb 5 2019, by: admin
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I'd like our bot could teach Russian, English, Italian, Spanish and Polish. There is some deep experience in communicating with Californian and Russian bot Masters online and offline and numerous installations of Android and Window bots having been started from the year 2001 in Tver Region of Russia. You speak with a bot using one language, the bot understands and replies you in another one, previously selected by you as a rest user. Welcome!
Псевдоним: @Bella-Khvalovsky
Категории: Facebook
Tags: female, artificial intelligence, chat bot, italian, dating, spanish, russian, english, virtual girlfriend, polish
Создан: Sep 11 2019, by: Khvalovsky
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